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Destiny 2?


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fav guns - eye of sol, shayura's smg, pallindrome, igneous, vex, timelost fatebringer, adored...
loadouts for pvp - fatebringer/adored  | igneous/eye of sol  |  Vex/fractethyst  | eye of sol/shayura's

Pve loadouts - fatebringer timelost/null composure or cartesian/1k or threaded needle

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Oh man I have a love hate relationship with Destiny. Bounties are ugh. I was a Hunter main I mostly enjoyed the nighthawk build. I loved using bows! My favorite was Trinity Ghoul with catalyst. Lightning chain all day, everything blows up! I also loved swords. Goldtusk was my sword of choice cause it was super fast and it made you look like a ninja lol. I kinda miss Destiny but I kinda don’t at the same time. 

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just looked around here for the first time and found this. i've never really been that big into destiny, though i do remember using almost exclusively shotguns and SMGs whenever i did actually play. always used the warlock thing and never really anything else, and never played PVP.

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Honestly? i am a warlock main at heart.  i use Stasis to get pass high level content, as for my more casual loadout, i go for a kinetic Assault Rifle ( Krait ) , an energy Waveframe Grenade launcher ( Forbearance ), and Gjallahorn for the power weapon. Witch Queen had brought me back into the game. 

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