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A platform thats 7 years strong! ×
A platform thats 7 years strong!
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Hewo! it me


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Hi i just found this forum x3. But yes im Seps and uh i like to make people happy :3

I play VRChat if i can but i also play alodda fps/racing/adventure/uhh... iguess i play pretty much everything. recently ive been playing Outriders with my closest friens :3 or if i have a little time i play Trackmania :3
i for some reason have 1k hours in csgo so i would say im pretty okay at tapping at people in shooty games x3.

i also drift in assetto?

uhm what else... uhh..

i like lasagna and dumplings.

i also like to watch anime but im not a connoiseur 


Sparkies cock is normal size >:3 dont tell him


caught in 4k


oh and dont be afraid to approach me on discord to just chat about aynthing :3 but if u wanna play smth with me, then i probably wont be available ._.


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