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A platform thats 7 years strong! ×
A platform thats 7 years strong!
Please REPORT the file if you notice something deleted/unavailable for download.

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About This File

Uses 2019 unity

Clothing toggle
- Bodysuit
- Pasties
- Panties
- Shoes
- Gloves
- Visor
- Jacket
Accessories toggle
- Bag
- Bandaid
- Blindfold
- Choker
- Glasses
- Head bow
- Mask
- Nip piercing
- Septum
- Tail
- Pup ears
- Visor
- Arm wraps
- Wrist fuzz
- Crop/Whip
Dynamic penetration system
SDK/dynamic bones/DPS you will have to provide yourself (Fixed package includes all of these, you do not need to import anything) PLEASE make sure to use the newest up to date SDK3!

Showcase video


Import and usage:

  1. Create a new Unity 2019.4.31f1 project (If you want to import this into an existing project, check below)
  2. Import Sheila-3.0-by-OniiGirii-Fixed-By-Spyderiali.unitypackage into your new project, drag and drop or go to assets>Import Package>Custom Package... and select the unity package where ever you have saved it
  3. Once everything has finished importing, check that you are able to access the VRCSDK Control Panel VRChat SDK>Show Control Panel. If you cannot find it, this might mean you will need to re-install the VRChat SDK into your Unity Project.
  4. To upload the avatar, go to the folder in assets named Sheila and open the scene called OPEN ME
  5. If the avatar is bright purple, this means you've got shader errors, either the shaders got corrupted or the shaders are missing. This avatar uses Poiyomi Toon shaders (Version 7 or higher is recommended) and Arktoon Shaders (This is for the 2 metal materials)
  6. Once you are ready to upload, you can test the avatars toggles using the provided avatar emulator. Activate this by going into Playmode while the game object Avatars 3.0 Emulator Control is present in your scene.
  7. When uploading this avatar, make sure that there is no Blueprint ID in the Pipeline Manager (This is only if you are uploading this avatar for the first time). Also to be safe, remove the avatar emulator from the scene, this will help make sure there are no errors while uploading
  8. If you get FileNotFound prefab.untiy3d does not exist this means you have missing scripts in your avatar. This can be caused by dynamic bones not being imported correctly

Importing into existing projects:

  1. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED (Especially with this package). Issues you have found when importing this package into an existing project are not my fault
  2. If you do want to import this into an existing project, when importing this package, untick everything that you already have in your project (This will normally be Poiyomi Shaders, VRCSDK, Dynamic bones). Do this to prevent your project from getting corrupted
  3. Uploading goes as normal, just follow the import and usage thing


Edit: I am looking into why this package may not be visible both in the unity editor and in game (VRChat)

Edit 2: The package I provided was damaged, I'm sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused. For some reason none of the meshes are actually set properly on the skinned mesh renderers. I am currently working on a fixed version, which I will release shortly, but if you want to fix it yourself, you can go to each game object and assign the meshes to the correct renderers.

Edit 3: I have fixed the package and it should now be working properly.

Edited by Spyderiali

What's New in Version 1.0 (Fixed)   See changelog


Changes made to original package:
- Reassigned missing meshes from skinned mesh renderers

This package was made with Unity 2019.4.31f1

Note that will you maybe be able to import this into older versions (Whatever you do, don't use 2018), I recommend you use 2019.4.31f1 to make sure as many errors are avoided

Now included with package:
PoiyomiPro 8.0.010 and 7.3.xx
Arktoon Shaders
Dynamic Bone 1.2.2
DynamicPenetrationSystem V1.31
LyumaAv3Emulator v2.2.2

(You do not need to import any of these that are included with this package, but it's at your own fault if anything doesn't work properly)

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)
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Now not sure why but this girl is invisible ?? O_o


Response from the author:

Huh, strange, never happened to me when i used this package. tryna think why that'd happen

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