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  • Shiva By MinerSpark

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    ✧Radial sliders for skin, hairs, hue(body), hue(hairs), hue(eyes), saturation(body), saturation(hair emissions), saturation(eyes), emission strength(hair). ✧Toggles for hat, hoodie, ears(raised/down), shirt & shirt color, bra, shorts, underwear & underwear color, shoes, sock color, bags, futa, glitter, tail. ✧DPS set up, VRLabs marker, and Locomotion. ✧Includes a green optimized version. ✧Bounding box fix, so different meshes will not disappear for others when close to you.
  • Crescent Moon - Cat/Incubus Femboy By MinerSpark

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    Crescent Moon, a Cat and Incubus Femboy He has some springy cat ears and cute bows. It's really hot.   Crescent Moon 6-12! Crescent Moon has had a minor overhaul in their materials and toggles to bring him a little more depth. Notes at bottom! - SDK 3.0 Avatar - Toggles for Hoodie, Ponytail, Cat/Incubus Swap, Nails, Necklace, NSFW, and more - 3 Hoodie/Bow colorways - Dynamic bones on all bows and accessories with colliders* *All dynamic bones tog
  • Project Yana By MinerSpark

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    VRChat SDK 3.0 Unity 2019.4.31f1 - Avatar originally setted up with dynamics bones and was not updated to upcoming physics bones yet. - Future dynamics convertation might remain different from original showcase videos. Fullbody ready, dance friendly ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Audio link on Headphones Optimal Colliders + Dynamics setup / Breast-Butt jiggles 11+ custom face gestures (mixable, prevented from bugging) Additional Poor and Green ranked versions (no 3.0 f
  • God Yurei By MinerSpark

    Unitypackage ONLY. [Includes FBX and 4 prefabs] BOTH TEXTURE SETS ARE INCLUDED. In-game skin color changer : White, Tanned and Red FBT ready and tracking well! [See videos!] Dynamic bones and colliders everywhere you would expect!  THROWABLE Spinning cute Shiba "Yoyo" ball for your ADHD! [ ] Two paper hand fans that you can spin! OVER 50 TOGGLES!!!! [ ] Memory system saves your toggles through worlds! Pen for the mutes and the shy

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