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Please REPORT the file if you notice something deleted/unavailable for download.

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Unity 2019.4.31f1

Latest VRChat SDK Acquired from their website: https://vrchat.com/home/download (VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. was the version used when making the model)

Raliv DPS Dynamic Penetration System V1.31 https://raliv.gumroad.com/l/lwthuB

The Latest Poiyomi Pro needed (Always try to use the latest as constant bugs are found and fixed all the time I recommend using atleast poi_pro_7.3.50_and_8.1.155) https://www.patreon.com/poiyomi/posts

SFW Toggles Showcase:

To see the NSFW Toggles showcase you can view it on my here on my fansly, which I'm going to try out using as a place to show off my NSFW showcases to mitigate the amount of minors who can see the video.

Full list of features shown off in both showcase videos:

Clothing Toggles:

Underwear, Lingerie & Sleepwear:

Bra, Panties, Lingerie Top, Lingerie Bottom, Babydoll Lingerie, Pajama Top, Pajama Pants


Tank Top, Short Top,Knitwear Crop Top, Sweatshirt, Underboob Top, Tube Top, Toggle to Pull Up Underboob Top and Pull Up the Tube Top


Leggings, Workout Shorts, Tights, Tights Opacity Radial Slider, Tights Rip when you grab the crotch and pull (forgot to show it off in main showcase but its in the unity showcase), Jean Shorts, Jeans

Dresses and Sweaters:

Comfy Cardigan, Sweater Dress, Lace Dress, Virgin Killing Sweater, Expose VK Boobs Toggle, Expose VK Ass Toggle


Swimsuit, Swimsuit Opacity Toggle, Knee High Socks, Socks, Vans


Choker, Necklace, Glasses

Body Customization Sliders for:

Bigger Boobs, Bigger Booty, Preggo Belly, Chubby Belly, Thicc Hips, Tummy, Wider Waist, Fit Arms, Smaller Hips, Less Thighs, Crotch Bulge (Bulge is rigged so that is moves and has colliders), Crotch Bulge Throbbing Contact Receiver for when someone rubs your crotch
Basically Rose can go from soft chubby Mommy, to super fit gym Mom by just changing a few sliders ^ - ^

Hair and Cow Toggles

3 different hairstyles: Curly Bun Hair, Mom Hair, Long Curly Hair

Toggles for Cow Ears and Cow Tail

Miscellaneous/Lewd Stuff:

  • Toggle for an Animated Aheago Expression

  • Mouth Coom that toggles on with either peace sign gesture or the animated ahegao

  • Came On Decal for the body

  • Paddle (Paddle Collides with Boobs and Ass, it’s also is able to trigger smack contact receivers on anyones avatar that has them)

  • Body Writing Toggle that toggles on body writing all over your body, including the PP TuT

  • Hot Breathe Toggle that enables a hot breath particle when doing either peace sign gestures, or the animated ahegao

  • Cum Inflation Animation Toggle

Avatar Dynamics:

  • Face & Ass Smacks with sound and decal (face smack can only be triggered by others)

  • Animated Slap Reaction Toggle that triggers when slapped on the face or ass

  • Headpat Reaction

  • Kissing Proximity Contact Receiver (Reacts to other peoples heads getting close to yours)

  • BJ Proximity Contact Receiver (Reacts to other peoples torsos getting closer)

  • Milky Boobs Contact Receiver

  • Choking Reaction when someone else grabs your throat


  • Toon to Skin Lighting Toggle, Skin lighting tends to look alot better in some worlds that use real time lighting

  • Specular Reflections Radial

  • White and Black Hair base hair color toggles

  • 2 Hair Emissions Strength Radial the either increase the emission strength of either the ends of the hair or the entire hair

  • Hue Shift Radial that changes your hair emission color, eye color, bra color and panties color

  • RGB Toggle (Changes, Hair, Eyes, Bra and Panties in a steady animation)

  • Nail Length Toggle


  • Soft to Hard PP Radial that also makes all pants pull down, PP turns into a penetrator when at 100%

  • Dick Size

  • Ball Size

  • Cock Throbbing Animation that triggers when the radial is above 50%

  • DPS Orifices(With Belly Bulge and Throat Bulge)
    DPS Orifices Included are: Oral, Right HJ, Left HJ, Vaginal, Anal, Assjob, Boobjob, Left Steppies, Right Steppies, Feetjob, Rubbing and Thighjob. Model only has 4 light on it though thanks to Fluff

  • Bulge Strength Slider to control how pronounced the Throat and Belly Bulge are

  • DPS Dildo with World Constraints


Other Features:

  • Menu’s have a bunch of completely custom icons made by me for various different toggles

  • Fullbody Tracking Compatible and Tested

  • Locomotion Fixes

  • Physbones fully setup, no dynamic bones what so ever and some very high quality jiggle physics if I do say so myself

  • Using the body sliders provided you should be able to achieve almost any body type you like, except for exptremely petite

  • I have provided texture files for unedited light skin tone, you can use these files to create any skin tone you'd like, I have also included decals on the face that will keep things like the eyes and other important areas unaffected by any change to the main color, so you can create your own skin tones without using photoshop, all you need to do is change the color till you reach your desired result


SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)

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