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Katherine The Dragoness 1.0.0

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Hai Everyone welcome to the sale page for my model Katherine. I have been working on her for a very VERY long time and to say that she will is my best model yet is an understatement, she has a ton of new features I've been working hard on and perfecting including stuff like grabbable clothing with Boob drop, The boobs squish when you touch them (not using squish bones though) as well as many MANY more that I will list below.


Unity 2019.4.31f1

The Latest Version of the VRChat Creator Companion aka VCC Which can be acquired from the VRChat Website: https://vrchat.com/home/download

VRC Fury https://vrcfury.com

Poiyomi Toon 7.3.50 or Newer


Showcase of some features below, a full showcase video is on the way:

Body Sliders:

Grabbable and Rip-able Clothing:

Grabbable Pants:

Dragoness Form:

Skintones Slider:

Darker Makeup Toggle:

Hair Hue Shift and Customization:


Katherine's Features:

Clothing Toggles:

  • Underwear & Lewd Outfits: Bra, Panties, Sports Bra, Garter Belt, Stockings, Thong, Bikini Top and Bottoms

  • Tops: Business Shirt, Exposed Shoulder Top, Tank Top, Oversized BF Top, Off Shoulder Top, Off Shoulder Sweater and Serendipity Top

  • Bottoms: Jean Shorts, Jeans, Pencil Skirt, Skirt and Yoga Pants

  • Dresses and Jacket: Business Jacket, Bath Robes, Long Dress, K Dress, Knitted Mini Dress and Sweater Dress

  • Shoes: Boots, Aspire Heels, High-tops and Pointed Heels

  • Accessories: Hoop Earrings, Teardrop Necklace, Bracelet, Glasses and Paddle

Dragoness Toggles & Hair Styles:

  • Dragon Wings, Dragon Tail, Dragon Horns

  • Pointed Ears Toggle

  • Toggle to make Dragon Tail Smaller

  • Smoke from nose, Dragon Scales That Burn onto the body when toggled on

  • 4 Hair Styles: Short Hair, Long Hair, Pony Tail and Wolf Cut Pony Tail

Body Sliders:

  • 2 Different Bigger Boob Sliders with a toggle to swap between the two

  • Bigger Butt Slider

  • Tummy & Abs Slider (Abs is on a separate version as it causes clipping but people wanted me to add it back)

  • Thiccness slider with new thinner to thicc blendshapes

  • Thicc Arms Slider

  • Wider Waist Slider

  • Preggo Belly Slider

Contact Receivers:

  • Ass Smacks and Face Smack that gets progressively more and more red with each hit then fades away over time aswell as a toggleable animated reaction to being hit

  • Choking Reaction

  • BJ Reaction Controlled by SPS as well as one controlled by contacts for if they don't have SPS

  • Toggleable Boob Squish for when pushing the boobs together and for when being squished from the front

Degen Features:

  • Grab Pull Up, Pull Down or Rip All Clothing, Depending on what the clothing item is you'll either be able to pull it up or down and some will have the ability to be grabbed and ripped. each of these will also cause the boobs to move and then drop in a very visually pleasant way

  • Ability to also pull up, rip or pull aside the different pants skirts and dresses, there is also a separate toggle to allow you to pull up the back of some dresses, skirts and other clothing to reveal the ass

  • Crotch Bulge that moves (when crotch bulge is enabled and any of the pants are pulled aside or ripped her cock will flop out)

  • Animated Ahegao Expression

  • Nakey Toggle (toggles off all the clothing)

  • Breathe Toggle

  • Animated Tears Toggle

  • Paddle that can trigger anyone's spanking animations

  • Toggleable Cum Covering the body

  • 2 Stage New Cum Inflation animation with Looooots of Cum leaking out when its toggled off (Cum can be toggled off if it's not your thing)

  • Cum in mouth Toggle

  • Toggle for Runny Makeup that will slowly run down your face while giving head or getting choked

  • Auto Hotdog Dildo With a new version of my dick converted into a usable dildo that you can place in the world and will thrust at various speeds


  • Hue Shift

  • Wetness Slider with Toggleable Animated Sweat/water that slowly drips down body

  • Brighter Lighting Toggle

  • Skin Color Slider that goes from light skin to tanned to dark

  • Hair Emissions Toggle

  • Toggles for floor and arm colliders

  • Sharper Nails Toggle

  • Darker Makeup Toggle

  • Blonde hair toggle

New SPS Features:

SPS is a newer better version of DPS that has alot of improved features, the best of which being a toggleable automatic mode that toggles on the necessary holes when a dick gets close to them automatically and best of all, its completely free and only requires you to have VRC Fury installed in your project

  • SPS Orifices which SPS refers to as sockets for: Blowjob, Pussy, Anal, Titjob, Left and Right Handjobs aswell as a twohanded handjob, Assjob, Thigh Job, Left and Right Footjobs and a foot job that works based off of both feet

  • Brand new belly smooth detailed belly bulges that look different when being penetrated from the pussy and ass, that also works with all clothing.

  • Very detailed blowjob animation that changes depending on how far a dick is inside the mouth and throat

  • Lewd Plap sound that triggers when fully thrusting inside pussy or ass

  • Rigged Dick that goes from limp to erect that throbs, gets harder when touched and now has a toggle to cum (the cum will also collide with the world and stick to surfaces)

And that's all the features I can think of for now, I may have forgotten some but they will be listed when Katherine is released I really hope you guys are excited for her as she is genuinely my best work yet and I've worked so so soooooo hard on her this past year.

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)

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