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Please REPORT the file if you notice something deleted/unavailable for download.

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About This File

  • Fullbody ready, dance friendly ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

  • Colliders + Dynamics setup / Breast-Butt jiggles

  • 11+ custom face gestures (mixable, prevented from bugging)

  • RalivDps setted with constraints(2lights), Only Ori Points!(5).

  • Memory toggles for Adjust/ Color Adjust/ SfwCloth-Toggles


  • Smooth and Advanced Re-Color Menu for Hair, Clothes, Boots, no material swaps! (opti).

  • 2 Front Hairs, 2 Back Hairs, 2 Front Braids, every part adjustable separate!

  • Clothes Color - 7 Leggings Alternative, 7 Sweater Alternatives, 5 Boots Colors (see video)

  • Colors Adjust - Tan Skin/ 7 Hair Colors, supported with Hue Shift+ Eyes Hue

  • Mistletoe Toggle - To hand/ To Neck

  • Locomotion On/ Off Toggle

  • Frozen Breath Toggle

  • Marker Toggle

Adjust Toggles

  • Fox Ears , Fox Ears Alternative, Fox Tail

  • Glasses, Rest Face or Cute Face Idle, Scarf Form

Clothes Toggles

  • Scarf1, Scarf2, Sweater, Leggings, Boots, Socks, PomPom, Bra, Panties, Pasties

    Package Install Guideline ( +model notes)

  • New Unity Project 2019.4.31f1

  • SDK 3.0

  • Dynamic Bone Script

  • Poiyomi Toon (included)

    4.1 Optional, Metallic Shader(for rings).

  • Model Package

  • Open Malaya Scene

    note. For pom-poms u can use poi pro fur shader or xiexe fur, would look cute!

    note. For the Breast Size you can check it scale, originally it scaled down for my preferences, but with 1.1.1 scale u can have breast bigger, yet natural.

    note. Piercing can be taken off in Unity, check Body mesh Shapekays

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)
Poiyomi Pro

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)
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