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A platform thats 7 years strong! ×
A platform thats 7 years strong!
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Vixie (Toggles Broken) 1.0.0

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About This File

Vixie By Cupkake

Toggles for this model need a rework as they do not function correctly at all, So when downloading this model you will need to complete some edits to animators and such.


Unity Package for Unity 2019 (2019.4.31f1)
NOT Quest compatible, PC ONLY!

- All gestures/idle animations/ etc, FBX+Prefab included.
Phys bones: Ears, Hair, Boobs, Butt, Thighs, Beanie, Jacket, Tails, Cheeks!(grab and pull on the face cheeks!)
- Colliders on whole body + floor collider for hair/tails/jacket

- Toggles available on the model:
      Clothing menu: Beanie, Jacket, Dress, Gloves, Socks, Panties, Pasties, Shoes
     ┗ Accessories menu: Goggles, Hairclips, Harness, Face piercings, Body piercings, Choker
     ┗ Species menu: Fox ears OFF, Fox tails OFF, Elf ears option (+inherent human option!)
- Extra features:
• :poi_hue: LOTS of Color customization!
    ┗ Hair Colors:
White hair, Black hair, White hair+Black tips, Colored hair+Hue Shift slider!
    ┗ Outfit Colors: Outfit Hue slider, Outfit Saturation slider(de-saturate aka turn it gray/black and white!)
    ┗  Color swaps: Dress - Black, Socks - Black, Goggles - White, Harness - White, Shoes - White
    ┗ Eyes Hue Shift!
    • :excite~1:Contact interactions! (Headpat, Nose boop, Both Eye touches/pokes!+a toggle to turn these interactions off!)
- Cute custom made facial expressions with ear animations!

- Custom edited/drawn textures, custom made/edited and rigged parts
- FBT ready

Upload Instructions
• Import SDK3
• Import Poiyomi Toon 8.0.295
• Import Avatar package
All in that order.

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)

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