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About This File

Feature Summary


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• SDK 3.0 │ Unity 2019 │ FBT

• Phys Bones
• Avatar Contacts

• Follower
• Clothing Toggles
• Color Options, Hue Shifts
• Springjoint, Marker
• DPS (1 Penetr. │1 Toy │ 12 Orifices)
• 7 Combo Face Gestures
• Write defaults OFF!
• GoGoLocomotion



Extra Info

Product Includes: Model Unity Package (PC&Quest), VRCSDK 3.0 , Poiyomi Toon 7.3.050 , How-To-Upload & Troubleshooting Text files. Unity Version 2019.4.31f1. Use WinRAR or 7zip to unpack.
Dynamic Pen. System (optional) is NOT included in this package!
This avatar DOES include a Quest version. Due to Quest limits following features have been removed: all color options, Marker, Springjoint, DPS, Follower. Phys bones limited to 8 components. You're NOT buying an upload, message me first!
- First image is a Blender Render, 2-6 is ingame footage, lasts are Unity.
- Feel free to DM me on Discord if you have more questions or inquiries.


Ingame DL size: 24MB │ Polygons: 218k │ VRAM: 146MiB │ Parameters: 156/256


Feature Details


  • Toggles: Sweater, Top, Skirt, Panties, Socks, Warmers, Shoes, Ears, Tail, Choker, Necklace, Hairclip, Belt, Tattoos, Follower, Avatar contacts
  • Avatar Contacts: Pat (Happy face) │ Nose Boop (Surprised face) │ Boob Grab (Lewd Face) │ Tummy rubs (Cute Face)
  • Colors: 3 Hair Colors (OG Brown, White, Black) │ Hue Shift for everything pink │ Hue Shift for Eyes │ Monochrome mode for outfit │ RGB cycle mode │ 2 Extra Skintones included! Just drag & drop on model 
  • DPS: 1 Penetr. │1 Toy (Can place in world) │ 12 Orifices (Hands L&R, Steppies L&R, Kitty, Feet, Chest, Mouth, Butt, Thighs, Kitty rub, Buttcheeks) + non DPS Version incl. , toggle to open both holes
  • Cute Kitty follower that keeps you company!
  • Toys: SleightlyBall Springjoint System (Click for usage Tutorial/Showcase) , VRLabs Marker
  • Phys Bones: Colliders & Jiggles everywhere as expected, everything grabbable, Tail & Ears posable
  • GoGoLocomotion (Fly/Playspacemover, FBT Float, Stationary Mode and extra animations)
  • Face Gestures made with Combo Gestures - no overlapping

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)
Poiyomi Pro

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)

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