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[Double click on Assets/DynamicPenetrationSystem/Plugins/RalivPenetrationForPoiyomiPro.unitypackage) ] for the DPS to work]

Latest version as of January 25, 2022


3 different Versions included:
1. uses Poiyomi Pro + Penetration System
2. uses Poiyomi Free + Penetration System
3. uses Poiyomi Free + no Penetration System (has no pp)

- Avatar 3.0
- Menu Toggles:
Details: Horns, Elf Ears, Nose Piercings, Lip Piercings, Lip Spikes, Choker, Nipple Piercings, Belly Piercing
Upper Body: Top, Bodysuit, Pasties, Fishnet Sleeve, Kitten Sleeve, Claws, Alpha Radial Puppet for the Top and Bodysuit
Lower Body: Panties, Cloth Combinations Menu
Cloth Combinations: Thigh Highs with Straps, No Thigh Highs no Straps, Thigh Highs with left Strap, Thigh Highs with right Strap, Thigh Highs both Straps with Shoes, Pants with Shoes, Pants with Thigh Highs no Shoes
Lewd Menu: PP, Oriface Menu
(you need the Penetration System to use it) Oriface Menu: Mouth, Right Hand, Left Hand, Breast, Ass, Vagina, Belly Bulge toggle
Locomotion Menu: WetCats/Gireisons Full Locomotion Menu
Hue Shift / Color Change

- Penetration System support
- Body as Oriface, belly will inflate when something enters it (*only Poiyomi Pro + Penetrations System Version* - just affects the "Body" not the clothes)
- Dissolve Effect for most Toggles
- using the newest poiyomi toon shader (faster uploads)
- WetCats/Gireisons LocomotionFix

- FBX included
- FullBody Tracking
- Dynamic Bones for Breast, Chains, Tongue, Hair, Ears, Ass, etc.
- Colliders (Arms, Hips, Chest, Legs, Head, etc)
- 7 Gestures (You can activate the Fist animation with Fist + Trigger of the Controller)
(Left Controller+Trigger = Left Eye Blink / Right Controller+Trigger = Right Eye Blink)
- No Gesture overlapping
- clean/sorted Project

Edited by culio50x

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi Pro

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)
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