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Nibby Summi edit of Sporti




Poiyomi Toon

Dynamic Bones

Sporti Package


Nibby's upload guide:

(1) Download unity It has to be version 2019.4.31. You can find it here https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive

(2) Create a project With unity installed, create a new blank 3D project. You can have multiple avatars in one project, as long as they share the same SDK. My avis all use the same dependencies so you can throw them all in the same project

(3) Import the packages You must first import the ones you downloaded form here (sdk, shaders, dynamic bones). The avatar package must be the last. This is very important since it depends on the previously imported packages. To import just open or drag&drop the .unitypackages one by one into unity

(4) Open the unity scene It's located in /Avatars/[avatar]/[avatar].unity Verify the avatar is present in the scene there. If it is colored bright pink then it's missing materials and you've done something wrong

(5) Log into VRC In the top bar of unity find VRChat SDK and click Show Control Panel. Log into your account through the Authentication tab

(6) Build and upload Once logged in, you can navigate to Builder tab and press Build & Publish for Windows. (actually there is gonna be an error saying something about streaming mipmaps, but just press Auto Fix). You'll be taken to the upload screen where you can create an avatar icon and give it a name. Do not upload as public under any circumstances

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi (Any verison)

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