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Project Ira 1.0.0

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Avatar rank: Very poor

Polycount: 166k

Materials: 33 ( 13 without marker and sleightlyball)

Dynamic bone collision check: 212

What she comes with:

Sleightlyball controls

VRLabs Marker

DPS set up for you

dissolve toggles for breast and bottom plate

toggle animation for helmet

PBR textures set up

Audiolink customization

Light mode/dark mode toggle

Multi tracker compatible rig

face gestures set up for you

Plates set up to bounce at the hip

Dynamic bones for breast, butt, hips, plates, hair

V5 locomotion fix with custom sit and crouch idles


Install poiyomi Pro 7.2.29 or equivalent poiyomiToon shader (Please note: she is not set up for 8.0 Poiyomi Pro and cannot guarantee compatibility)

Install the latest VRCSDK 3

(optional but required for it to work) Install the latest version of Raliv's Dynamic Penetration Shader

install Dynamic bones

install project ira package

open up the project ira scene located in scenes


Please note: You must do this in this order. Failure to import prerequisite packages can lead to things working incorrectly on Ira. Please be sure to make use of a new project for her and not to add her into your current project as this can also cause some unexpected errors to occur


Edited by FuckCreators

SDK Version


Shaders used

Poiyomi Pro

Extra Gear

DPS (Dynamic Penetration System)
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