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Want to become staff?

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List here reasons why you think you should become staff of our site & what role of staff you want to become.

Staff benfits will be listed in the future.

Nobody can see the submitted applications but Staff & Staff alone

Warning points will be issued if a post is submitted before 150+ content posts.

What we expect as our Minimum requirements for becoming a staff member of any kind:

  • Require a min of 150+ Content post count
  • Previous positivity towards our community in previous topics & towards other users.
  • To have been a member of this forum for a minimum of 3 Months/90 days.
  • The ability to contact admin's immediately without hesitation if a problem cannot be resolved by yourself.
  • Proititize rules before you speak or take action, When unsure contact and admin or higherup.

We'll need to know personal infomation such as:

  • Your location/timezone.
  • Your age.
  • What times you're expecting to be online at, and what will you be doing during those times?
  • Any previous experience you have in moderation/support.

Please list the following in the title of your post

  • The role you want to apply for.
  • Your timezone E.G UK/UTC+0 Or East coast/+6 EST

Now explain here why You want to become staff and why we should select you over someone else?



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