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Please REPORT the file if you notice something deleted/unavailable for download.

What is this website about!?


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I made this site based on an orignal project for hosting paid models from VRChat "Creators" who didn't have any rights to the "work" "They created" and i moved on up to this website to become easier to manage 2 years later.

Now were here with the site moving everything over bit by bit encountering problem after problem.

You might think this is "just another model website", But the difference between Us here and some other model website that just mass uploads models, WE (At least myself alone without any moderation team atm) refine every upload and make sure all upload were the orignal published files of the uploaded model/asset/eg, I do my best to make sure it stays that way.

I'm hoping as time goes on the site will expand more and more allowing people to share creator ideas and help others out that need help in blender or need help in unity by using the forums to create a topic and get positive reply's and help when they need it.

"If your just publishing models which should be free why do you have a store with subscription roles?", Support, You get small benefits and unlocks an extra area of the download section, also permits unlimited downloads per day and supports general server+aws costs.

This is a project I'm supporting out of my own free will and could shut it down anyway I want, But i won't as i enjoy doing this and getting people models when they need it.


Thanks for signing up if you've signed up before


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