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Please REPORT the file if you notice something deleted/unavailable for download.

Current new member locks

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  • Each new member will have to post atleast 10 content before all new posts are approved
  • Each new member needs 5 approved content count before downloads unlock.
  • Each new member is locked to 12 downloads per day (Sadly failed downloads also count) Was implemented before this post, just wanst state
  • Deleting your content will get you auto banned, Don't play dumb.
  • Paying for account creation doesn't bypass this, Its still a natural function of the website.

Content count, Gallery posts, Topics  & Download posts, eg, all posts will need admin/mod approval.

Statuses don't count towards content count.

Legendary Users Are immune to this

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Paid account creation.
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  • 1 year later...

Preivous rules appliyed to downloads are now removed.

Any new members signing up do not need to post anything in order to download, But you will be restricted to 4 items per day.

If you surpass the post limit that will be unlocked, Same applys to paying for a supporter role.

Account creation fee remains enabled to supports sites longevitysupports sites longevitiy.

Thank you for remaining supportive to the site,


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