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3d printing


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4 hours ago, justanotheranon said:

I got a 3d printer for Christmas and im looking for fun things to print. Specifically if anyone has any fun tabletop minis or any other fun ideas!

I'd print stuff from hero forge, but that isn't free. If ya'll know any alternatives that be cool to hear about too!

Should teach me any tricks to perfect level the bed 👀


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so the extruder has to be VERY close to the bed. One of the first thing I had to do is replace some of the springs on my bed because they weren't giving enough tension as they were screwed almost all the way out.

For leveling, place your extruder in the lowest position and move it to a corner. take a piece of paper and it should JUST BARELY fit between the extruder nozzle and the bed. When you move the paper, it should almost hum if you move it as the tension is there. Do this for every corner as you move in a circle. Go around multiple times as changing the tension on one corner will affect the others. It takes a minute but eventually it'll balance out.

It took me a few failed prints to realize how close the extruder had to be. A few failed prints I had it close (pressure, but no hum) and it was just enough off that it wasn't smearing the base as it should be, but barely touching so it wouldn't adhere to the surface and would get dragged around the bed (and therefore not stick/fail).

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The detail you get from resin printing is quite lovely for D&D minis!  I also leveled the table my 3D printer rests on.  But the paper method, as stated above is most important.


I like to find files on CGTrader.  Some files can be found for free, however most models you have to pay for.

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