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Please REPORT the file if you notice something deleted/unavailable for download.

Account changes & More


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Hey, So you've not heard from me in awhile!

That's because I've been focused on real life for awhile, The servers don't pay for themselves and it gets quite hard, So I've been working my ass off and working on other projects.

So now its time for your update because its been too long.

At this moment in time I've been filtering accounts on my site deleting users that have been inactive and generally not doing any content.

What does this mean for you, If you've been a long term member of my website you are probably perfectly fine, You can always re-signup but, You'll have to pay.

Models, Yes, Theres alot to come, At this moment I'm still the ONLY admin/moderator for the website so I work on approvals and model uploads myself, Currently I've got over 480+ models to upload and I've got an Icelandic holiday coming up within the next 3 weeks and Im rather focused on that over my website, So during this time its your chance to make sure your account won't get nuked, Throw a couple photos into the VRChat gallery or make some generalized form posts.

"What bout the download requirements like content count", No, Im not removing them It still stops spam account creations and keeps everything simple and manageable, I will release it one day, but not today.


Love you all :)

Nice cock btw



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