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Advanced Krait Phantom build Max distance from start 65,363LY


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Hello again, that's a second time i place my builds right here.
So, today i've got exploring build ya? Bla-bla. Back to the point. I've choosed Krait Phantom cuz it's cold by itelf so that's gonna help us with stars.
It's meduim size ship, that makes landing a bit tricky.

THIS BUILD COSTS 80 millions CR == 2129392735__2022-10-20_164510162.png.a29a9607c480f9cfb2295db5ec6868f1.png  with this thing you can pretty much travel anywhere you want.

Also - hope you'll find build better than this one, hehe.

For this build you need:

Guardian Frame Shift Drive Booster. This one is tough, but once you unlock this module, your life is gonna be easier.
More about ^: https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Guardian_Frame_Shift_Drive_Booster (How to unlock section is also there)

You can also get Engineered FSD V1, which boosts your jump a bit like 1-2 ly. (I'm still not sure about it cost == quallity, so you can use default FSD drive)
More about ^: https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Frame_Shift_Drive#Engineered_FSD_V1 (Code word - "Engineered FSD V1")

Build: https://coriolis.io/outfit/krait_phantom?code=A0p5tdFflid3ssf5----0i---3c1O430i--v62i-.AwRj4yOGyA%3D%3D.Aw1kCygTMCMthWEA.H4sIAAAAAAAAA22OOw4BYRSFD4YYxIjnROfdSRQakbAEG5BYgkIxBb3SEixDqVBagohSoVBJMO5x%2F4RJJG7xFeeVG5IBgFdU4S8U8Z0NOP0bWVw7AMPifn1neyfzrk8WrgnAHcaA2upMMiLlYMQzyfqDzG6SQH5e0ORBHVrSCZa8i%2Fr7o1aj0jOqpbCXOSAxSwOV0ZOsGjQMmlPRZEwmv%2F3tiWybT5kS%2B890ScZfNZtpAV2zT%2BJzbx0CuSL6AAAA.EwegLCAMUgzK0CmBDA5gG0SEBGS%2BZpIg&bn=Miql KP


You better use Neutron Stars to charge your fsd. It will multiply your distance by 300%. BUT ONLY ONCE YOU CHARGED IT! AND IT WILL ALSO BREAK YOUR FSD DRIVE BY 1% EVERY TIME YOU USE
NEUTRON STAR! That's why i placed AFM Unit there. (Dwarfs can boost it by 50%)
How to use Neutron Star boost:


Also here: how to find neutron stars https://www.spansh.co.uk/plotter
Just choose Sol or something closer to you, choose distance your fsd can travel, and your destination place. Better leave 60% Efficiency as it is by default.
And don't forget about fuel. You need it to survive. So make sure you can make it untill next stop.

P.S - Neutron stars are not scary ok just do your business, ok?

That's it. Next stop - Krait MK2 Combat build.

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